My kennel name came from the wildflower Amsonia Tabernaemontana,
commonly known as Bluestar. I chose a wildflower theme because I have always had a passion for the beautiful fields of blooming flowers. Bluestar is found in the bottomlands, moist woods, and stream beds of the Eastern Central region of the United States. The plant itself is 1-3 feet tall, with a 1/2 to 3/4 inch flower in the early Spring. The flowers are pale blue in color with yellow centers, and have a star-like appearance. They are clustered atop a very straight erect stem, with oval to lance-shaped leaves. The family of Amsonia was named after an 18th century Virginia physician, Dr. Charles Amson. All of the members of this particular family are classified as perennial herbs which produced a milky sap, have simple alternating leaves, and produce tubular blue flowers.

I always found it interesting that after I chose the Bluestar kennel name, I started thinking about the description of the flower. First, they are pale blue, as is often the case with a Bedlington Terrier. The plant ranges in size from 1 to 3 feet; the Bedlington Standard for height falls in this range. They have yellow centers, which sometimes reminds me of the very center of the Bedlington eye. They have a very straight, erect stem, which is reminiscent of a Bedlington poised to attention. And the description of the leaves contains the word "oval", which aptly describes the Bedlington head and body shape. Isn't it interesting how nature works sometimes?

"Blue Velvet"